The Jump

Why We Do This

We don't do these stunt programs as a matter of ego or to flatter ourselves but to use the talents that God has given us, with the tools that he has placed in our hands, to share his glorious message with those who might not easily hear. There are some people that will never go to church and hear the gospel. But some will come to a stunt program.... And there hear a life-changing message about the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is no secret the Lord wants His house to be filled. He has told us to compel the people to come into the Kingdom. How exactly can we fulfill this command and populate the Kingdom of Heaven. In this day and age its fast pace, instant gratification, modern technology, social media driven times that we live in, what are we to? The Lord already answered that when He said, go out into the highways and hedges and constrain them to yield and come in, so that my house may be filled! How do we do that exactly? How can we affect as many people as possible? We set a stage, a platform we do something totally out of the norm that will draw the masses out, something so spectacular that no one will want to miss out. When you partner with Leap of Faith Evangelism, we partner with you to bring something greater than the greatest show on earth. We come to your town, on your turf and we unite the local church body and work closely with government officials. Then we shout it from the roof tops through media. This has been a proven method of mass evangelism for these modern times. The heart behind what we do at Leap of Faith is so the Kingdom of God will be populated for all eternity. An atmosphere will be created that will compel them to come, and as we make room for the Lord to move, hearts and lives will be touched and radically changed forever. Everyone will be mesmerized as the Lord uses an ordinary man, with an unordinary talent to present an extraordinary Gospel. The whole stunt from start to finish is a representation of the full Gospel message. It is performed with the highest of excellence and you will not want to miss out on an opportunity to have us partner with you in the Gospel.

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